Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial intelligence

Machine Learning vs Deep Learning vs Artificial intelligence

It is very common to not know the difference between machine learningdeep learning, and artificial intelligence(AI),  almost everyone who is new to technological learning thinks that all three things are the same. Not just that, We often alternatively use the word machine learning in place of deep learning & relate to the word AI without knowing the actual definitions of each of the three.  Well, let’s clear this confusion now.

What actually is Machine Learning?

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Let’s just consider these two words – Machine & Learning, now think and form a simple sentence…, Yes! A machine is learning. how? It’s by analyzing the data. So basically,  Machine learning algorithms build a model to make predictions or informed decisions by analyzing sample data a.k.a Training Data.

Top MNCs and even fortune global 500 also use machine learning techniques to give their users a better user experience.  There are some well-known sites that use machine learning too, Say for example – Twitter! Its machine learning technology makes those decisions based on individual preferences, further resulting in the algorithmically curated feeds. Likewise, Netflix uses machine learning to give suitable suggestions to their users of the movies, TV series, or shows that they would prefer to watch.

Now the highlighting point about machine learning is that if a machine learning model gives an inaccurate prediction then the programmer needs to fix that problem manually. Whereas, Deep learning is slightly different. Let’s see how!

Dig a little about Deep Learning

Deep learning is an improvised version of machine learning & we can say it is a subset of machine learning. Basically, Deep learning is machine learning which works in the same way but it has improved capabilities.

Digging more deeply into Deep Learning…Deep Learning uses a neural network, which is a multi-layered structure of algorithms. Now, these neural networks have unique capabilities that will enable Models of Deep Learning to solve tasks that Machine Learning models could never-ever solve.

Jumping into the difference between Machine Learning & Deep Learning, the machine learning model needs some guidance or human intervention. But ya! These models become better progressively. However, Deep Learning models enable the needlessness of programmers to fix any problem when an inaccurate prediction happens i.e Deep learning model does it by itself. This is one advantage of Deep Learning over Machine learning. There’s another advantage too – it is powered by humongous amounts of data. This is the reason for the popularity of Deep Learning.  Hence the Big Data Era will provide massive opportunities  & scope for new innovations in deep learning. Boost up your Deep Learning career with an upskilling GUVI course by IIT-M Professors.

Consider an example to get better insights on both deep learning & machine learning –

Imagine you ask Alexa with a machine learning model to Turn on the light. while the ML model is trained to analyze the sentence & search for the word Light. So the smart lights turn ON.  But then if you say Alexa It’s dark please help me! Since there is no usage of the word Light – Smart lights won’t turn on. Now in this case when Alexa has a Deep Learning model then the smart lights will turn on. This is since a deep learning model can learn from its own computing.

There comes the Big Boss – Artificial Intelligence ?

AI is the big boss for both Machine Learning & Deep Learning as these two are subsets of AI. Where Machine learning and Deep learning are the ways of achieving Artificial Intelligence.  An AI is a programmed rule that determines the machine to behave in a certain way in certain defined situations. Basically, Artificial Intelligence is seen to be nothing more than just a bunch of if-else statements.

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Let’s understand in a much simpler way. Though there is no standard definition for Artificial Intelligence, We can define Artificial Intelligence as the ability of a computer program to function like a human brain.  It is understood as a replica to simulate human thinking capability and behavior. Like we set the behavior with If-Else conditions, Say – If a remote car is programmed to move backward when there’s an obstacle, else it is set to keep moving. Well yeah! Artificial intelligence is vast and still in the making.

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