Data Visualization: Get Ready For Your Next 6’er Analysis!

In this era of Data Science where Data is the king, Data Visualization is the key to making a better Kingdom. Do you agree to this?

We keep hearing every other day, that we are surrounded by Data! And, if you already have some acquaintance with Data Science then you know how exactly to make sense of this data inorder to implement this information to process better outcomes. Data Visualization can help is the key here!

Data Visualization with our all-time love for Cricket!

Let’s understand with an analogy. We have Smriti Mandhana as our brand ambassador with us and we are all in a cricket mood now (and always for that matter)! That said, Cricket is a game of numbers! Imagine, we have a team representing every country, with 11 players in every team. The matches, catches, stumpings; the player details(with a long history of runs, 4’s, 6’s, highest catches, batting average, centuries, and what not?). In addition, the umpire details, the extra’s, test crickets, one-day internationals, there are just a lot of numbers. Agree? What if we carry this data just as mere information? We bet, we will have many glitches in the information. Also, we might encounter lots of other hurdles in processing the information.

Say, a pictorial representation of player data, like in tables and graphs expresses more than just words. A 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional representation of plots of shot directions & distances on an overhead view of a cricket field represents more data whatsoever. This Wagon-wheel for instance has lots of data packed in it. And a data analyst can make better sense of it.

Technologies that changed cricket over the years

Cricket Analysis

Other common forms of cricket analytics include graphs of scored runs and wickets plotted against time or balls bowled over a career or within a match. A worm graph represents the statistics of a limited over the match. And a Manhattan Chart displays a team’s score progression as the overs progress.

Oh, see told ya! We can go on and on when it comes to cricket. Let us take a pause here and understand that every statistics report gives away tons of information. When this information is processed we secure immense data. Study of which provides a scaled-down version of the immense data, making it simpler to process.

So, now let’s cut the crab & pack the information into a single statement.

What is Data Visualization?

Data Visualization is the process of scaling down the large chunks of information into a pictorial or graphical representation. It makes way easier to make sense of data, as against processing on a huge load of raw and unstructured data. The most difficult attribute of understanding the giant amount of complex data finds a fix with Data Visualization.

So, Data visualization changes the way we draw insights from data!

To be precise, we can go ahead and

  • Discover new insights,
  • Spot trends,
  • Visualize stories,
  • Analyze patterns, and more.
How To Perform Data Visualization

This can be achieved by making bar graphs, pie charts, images, maps, scatter plots, histograms, etc. Thus, confining bulk data in to useful insight in the simplest way.

Bringing back the cricket analogy & India’s unsurpassed love for cricket

IPL which is a professional Twenty20 cricket league is one of the most attended cricketing events in the world. It was approximately valued at $6.7 billion in 2019.

So, Cricket analytics is one of the essential game-changers! It provides value-adding insights into the game. Furthermore, it delivers predictive intelligence regarding game outcomes.

Today, there are endless piles of records and statistics concerning cricket available out there, e.g., ESPN Cricinfo and cricsheet. When we analyze this enormous amount of data, we get information. This information can be further broken down into smaller information chunks using the latest machine learning and predictive modeling algorithms.

Moreover, media and entertainment platforms partner with professional sports bodies and use technology and analytics, They determine vital metrics for improving match-winning chances. You might have already guessed how they come up with the best batting orders, score predicaments, players’ fitness & performance analysis, etc. 

Cricket Scoreboard: best Data Visualization

Why do we need Data Visualization?

Who doesn’t like a story? Stories tell the tale in the most precise way and we kind of remember more of it when visualized! Images, videos, graphs, charts, whatever it might be, we tend to carry the information for more span of time.

Above all, the visual way of representation gives more information in a shrink amount of space and it is convenient to maintain this place! Maintaining big data at various time spans is a real difficult task, it gets sorted here.

No matter what age, field, or career you live by, data visualization has its role to play. Speaking in terms of cricket, Data Visualization can help the coaches, players, opposition players, and all the concerned entities to gauge an expectation from a player, teams, and the game itself.

Data Science behind IPL | Understand how Data is Leveraged in IPL

Brailsford’s Data Analysis Strategy- successful Data Visualization!

It reminds us of a book- Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones! If you have by any chance read it, you might as well remember Dave Brailsford, the new performance director. In 110 years, no British cyclist had ever won the event. Brailsford just made 1 percent improvements in overlooked and unexpected areas, over a period of time. “The aggregation of marginal gains”- was the philosophy that he practiced. Redesigning the bike seats, use of electrically heated over shorts for the team, use of biofeedback sensors, etc., were the minute changes that he imbibed. These changes over a while, led the British Cycling team to dominate the road! They tracked cycling events at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and thereafter every event that came there way!

See how Brailsford tracked and measured the performance of the cyclists.

With Egan Bernal, Dave Brailsford didn't follow his own advice - CyclingTips

Top Data Visualization Tools?

Now, there’s already an ever-ending list of Data Visualization tools out there in the market. It’s recommended to suit your preferences and choose the best tool for your needs.

A software that takes data from a specified source and returns the visual representation of the same in the most appealing format is a Data Visualization Tool.

Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Zoho Analytics, Excel, Fusion Charts, Google Charts, are a few good ones to mention.

Cricket Data Visualization Tools

Here are a few interesting cricket data insights that you would also be curious to find out.

By considering all available data visualization and toss-related analysis, cricket team management holds a bulk amount of data. Naive Bayes, Decision trees, multiclass SVM, and Random forest are some of the best data analytics tools in implementation. Firstly, they generate the prediction models for batsmen’s scores and bowlers’ wickets.

Then the insights from these tools help pick the right players and teams at the time of auction. It is the key to building a strong cricket team within a given budget. Thereby securing the highest chance of winning.

So, wish to master the techniques to use the Data Visualization tools? Then, leave us your contact in the below form. And we will get back to you shortly!

Future of Data Visualization

Data around us is growing rapidly and so are the Data Visualization techniques. Then, Data Visualization is the answer to turning all the available data into useful information that can help businesses grow and maximize their profits.

Also, we are seeing many game-changing progressions already! And will keep seeing them as these Data Visualization tools and techniques keep evolving.

  • Better tools,
  • portability of data,
  • better know-how about Data Visualization among all,
  • interactivity & animation, etc.,

are making data visualization predictably better every day.

Future crick-analysis

So, talking about the future, we wonder what new data visualization and analytics tools might bring into the world of Cricket. Already a lot many predictions and far more analytics cricket data comes in to view. And its deployment leads to the player and team performance enhancement.

Then let’s wait and watch for new inventive concepts come into cricket analytics! And, we are eager to find out changes they unfold in the process?


Efficient Data Visualization is vital in the process of Data Analysis. So, without adequate & timely Data Visualization, there is a chance of losing information.

Then, if you are willing to make powerful data visualization, then let us know here below in the comments.

Our IIT Certified Programming Professional & Master Data Science Program covers all the essentials of Data Visualization. Learn all Data Science related concepts in depth. You are welcome to take a tour and explore before joining them. Don’t forget to leave your contact, so that we can contact you at the earliest.

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